FPS customers are the tip of the spear for human potential. We are a researched-focused and hunt facts to make informed decisions. That is why FPS is one of few companies allowing customers direct access to the clinical trials that support FPS claims and ingredients.

Contrary to popular belief, supplements are regulated. It is illegal to make a benefit claim without “substantiation that the claim is truthful and not misleading”. Regulation below.

By law, “regulations prohibit any claims to be made for a dietary supplement with regard to any medical condition”. However, it is required “that a manufacturer of a dietary supplement making a nutritional deficiency, structure/function, or general well-being claim have substantiation that the claim is truthful and not misleading”. Section 403(r)(6) of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (the Act) (21 U.S.C. 343(r)(6)).

To make the claim, you need (A) to enough of a certain ingredient and (B) the right version, or quality level, of the ingredient. This can mean high doses and branded ingredients both of which are expensive. We spend the money on the good stuff ensure our clients receive maximum benefit from their supplement program.

Compare the contents of Veloxeye to the leading eye vitamins online for a difference you will SEE

Crafted with Quality. Rigorously Tested to Prove It.

FPS lab partners are Certified by Good Manufacturing Practices – cGMP. Each batch of ingredients is test prior to formulation. We keep records for each. These are called the Certificate of Analysis (COA). Once our products are formulated at the lab, they go to a 3rdparty testing facility to test for heavy metals, mold, and other impurities.

Everything that comes through our doors represents that highest level of testing and quality available on the market. At FPS, we don’t just sell supplements, we live on them.

Fun Test: When you get your shipment pull apart a capsule. Look, touch and smell the ingredients. You will be pleasantly surprised when you compare FPS to over the counter brands. No chemical smells from cheap synthetic ingredients.

Quality = Outcome

Quality Matters: Ingredient quality matters. Just as a Lamborghini is not just a car, all ingredients are not equal for purity and potency. We use top branded ingredients like Lutemax2020 and Chromax to ensure quality, potency, and thus maximum results. Of course, these ingredients cost more. But we are not here for 2ndplace. Quality matters. We are here to win.

Quantity = Outcome

Quantity Matters: Benefit claims from clinical trials are specific to the amount of a particular ingredient used in a formulation. Example Bilberry: Famed for helping WWII pilots see better at night. While the WWII story cannot be collaborated as there were no clinical trials, research shows positive results for night adaptation with daily Bilberry usage at 240mg or more. Look at our competitors to see how much their product contains. If it is less than 240mg, claims will not be provided, because it doesn’t exist. Quantity matters. We accept nothing but the best.

We cannot stop aging, but we can use science, minerals and determination to fight like hell along the way!

Veloxeye is the 12-year result of personal research and experimentation to maintain 20/20 vision. As a new student pilot in 2008, my vision took an abrupt turn for the worse. AOPA.org was holding a convention in Long Beach, California. That year a flight doctor was there to speak about health and aviation. I raised my hand to ask what could done about vision and aging. To the chuckles of the entire room, the doctor said, “welcome to the club” it’s just “what happens”. Coming from peak performance background in motorcycle racing to study competition aerobatic flight, this answer was unacceptable. So began my Performance Vision Mission.

Long story short, twelve years later and I am back to 20/20 vision. No corrective lenses, no surgery, no contacts. Is my vision as good as it was in my 30s? Absolutely not. We cannot stop aging, but we can use science, minerals, and determination to fight like hell along the way!

- Elias Corey. Pilot/Founder FPS

The Science

To match the results I achieved I assembled MD and PhD partnerships to craft an unbeatable performance eye supplement to arm you against the environment, nourish your biology and give you a performance edge against aging.  

Below are links to clinical studies relevant to the formulation of Veloxeye. Behind each link you have direct access to years of clinical trials to understand what we put in our products and why. We’ve included a summary sentence by the link for those who want information fast and on the fly.

Dive in and discover the clinical trials behind the ingredients in Veloxeye, Rapid Targeting and Cognition.

Vitamin A Study 3

“inadequate retinol…impaired dark adaptation”

Read Study

Zinc Study 1

“Zinc/Vitamin A…dark adaptation”

Read Study

Zinc Study 2

“Essentiality of zinc...Zinc needed for protein and DNA synthesis”

Read Study

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