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  • All ingredients are not created equal. Purity and Potency vary wildly. It is also critical to have the correct dosage or enough of the ingredient – per dose – is not available to effect the body. We don’t skimp on ingredients or quality. Veloxeye employs high quality branded ingredient like Lutemax 2020 and Chromax to ensure quality, and 2x to 4x the quantity - per dose - of our competitors to ensure potency.

  • Below is a list of all studies our MDs used to formulate Veloxeye. These were matched against ingredients rigorously tested by founder Elias Corey to maintain peak visual acuity and 20/20 vision for aerobatic competition. It is the culmination of 12 years of personal trials and enhanced by high quality/potency branded ingredients.
    We’ve highlighted key points of the study in the title for quick reading. Full study pop-up available by clicking below for you lovers of data.

    • Vitamin A Study 3 “inadequate retinol…impaired dark adaptation”
    • Zinc Study 1 “Zinc/Vitamin A…dark adaptation”
    • Zinc Study 2 “Essentiality of zinc...Zinc needed for protein and DNA synthesis”
    • Lutein Study 1 “Critical function…optical properties”
    • Lutein Study 2 “Improved levels BDNF…learning, memory, and higher cognitive processes”
    • Lutein Study 3 “Decreased headache and eye strain”
    • Lutein Study 4 “Improved sleep quality”
    • Lutein Study 5 “Reduced photodamage…DNA repair and cell survival”
    • Lutein Study 6 “Improves several parameters of cognitive performance”
    • Computer Vision Syndrome Study 1 “Eye strain…disturbed visual acuity…eye burning”
    • Computer Vision Syndrome Study 2 “Headache…eye strain…double vision”
    • Computer Vision Syndrome Study 3 “Blue light…reaches deeper….damage the retina”
    • Blue Mountain Eye Study “Multivitamin…B12...strongly protective…cortical cataract”
    • Nurses’ Health Study 2 “Vitamin C supplement….decrease risk cataracts”
    • Nurses’ Health Study 3 “Vitamin C…substantially reduce…age-relate lens opacities”
    • Beaver Dam Eye Study “Lutein intake…half as likely to have an incident of cataract”
    • Lutein/Zeaxanthin and Cataract Study 1 “Age 45-75…men…19% lower risk of cataract”
    • Lutein/Zeaxanthin and Cataract Study 2 “Aged 45-71…22% decreased risk of cataract”
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