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Quality Matters

All ingredients are not created equal. Purity and potency can vary wildly. That is why FPS uses branded ingredients from suppliers like Lutemax2020® and Chromax® to ensure quality, potency, and thus maximum results. Yes, these ingredients cost more, but we are not here for 2nd place.  

    Quantity Matters

    Results from clinical trials are specific to the amount of a particular ingredient. Not enough ingredient, no result. Many supplements contain Lutein.  But do they have enough to deliver results?
      • Example: Bilberry - Famed for enhanced night adaptation for WWII pilots. While the WWII story cannot be scientifically corroborated today, clinical trials show positive results for night adaptation with daily Bilberry dosage at 240mg or more. Veloxeye™ has the key 240mg quantity, backed by clinical trials, to deliver results for you.

        Crafted by Science 

        Fighter Pilot Supplements™ products are formulated in partnership with an MD/PhD team. Using tried and true compounds we’ve tested in the sky, matched with ingredients on the leading edge nutra-bioscience, we craft unbeatable products to arm you against aging and nourish your biology.

        Tested to Prove It

        Fighter Pilot Supplements manufacturing partners are certified by Good Manufacturing Practices – cGMP. Each batch of ingredients is tested prior to compounding. We keep records for each of the ingredients. These are called the Certificate of Analysis (COA). Once our products are formulated at the lab, they go to a 3rd party testing facility to test for heavy metals, mold, and other impurities.

        We craft unbeatable products to fuel The Mission of You. Then we rigorously test them to prove it.

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