About FPS

There are two worlds in everyone’s life. The life we dream to live and the life we see in the mirror. At FPS, we believe that peace and fulfillment come when these two worlds become one. To achieve, we employ cutting-edge supplements, mindset management, and relentless practice, to arm our body, mind, and spirit, to operate at max potential. We created FPS to fuel that journey.

Founder Elias Corey is a competition pilot in the Unlimited Category and performs at airshows throughout the USA with military teams like the Blue Angels and USAF Thunderbirds. He was an early adopter of biohacking and relentlessly studied and applied nutritional supplementation to achieve optimal output for over 20 years.

At FPS we matched his passion for performance with innovation partnerships across multiple peak-performance sectors. From PhDs to MDs, to leaders in flow state science, to reaction performance, we assembled the relationships to build products to take you to the limit.

FPS is also a tribe of like-minded performance seekers not satisfied with the status quo. We work hard, expose ourselves to rigorous self-analysis, and share performance breakthroughs, near misses and failures, to strengthen the FPS community as we savagely pursue our best selves.

We are proud to be here. We are even prouder you have joined us to Live Life on the Leading Edge.

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