At root, we are minerals and water surrounded by a mission statement of who we want to be.

- Elias Corey, Pilot/Founder

Who We Are

The path of great athletes, warriors, and high-output individuals, requires discipline, mindset management, relentless practice, and optimal nutrition. It is not easy. It is not for everyone. But then neither is victory.

Forged in the exacting environment of competition flight, FPS provides unbeatable nutritional supplements to fuel your mission as you hunt the best from yourself.

Founder Elias Corey is a competition pilot in the Unlimited Category. He was an early adopter of biohacking and has relentlessly studied and applied nutritional supplementation to achieve optimal output for over 20 years.

At FPS we match our passion for performance with innovation partnerships across multiple peak-performance sectors. We assembled the sharpest minds in Nutra-Bioscience to construct unbeatable products for people seeking serious results.

The Fighter Pilots we share the sky with are men and women who live to extract the best from themselves. Optimal performance is at the core of all they do. They are confident, excel in the extreme, and yet employ an evolved sense of humility. We are proud to call them friends.

We are equally proud you have decided to join us to live life on the leading edge at


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